Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can we bring back what's dead?

Such a silly thought, but I'm blogging today because I found something oddly inspiring about what I thought was a pitiful excuse for a Poinsettia on my movie stand. A few days ago, I was certain my poor plant had died. I cleaned out the crunchy old leaves and gave it a drink of water, just out of pure curiosity. Sure enough this morning, I see a bunch of beautiful new leaves sprouting...

Life shows itself renewing, even in the ugliest, most dismal of places.

This thing literally looked like death had taken over. The stems were shriveled and brown, like sprawling arms, reaching out to welcome in the dark. The dirt looked crumbly, dry, and was lacking anything that looked like a plant could survive in it. Even the foil wrapper and bow on the pot looked like the leftovers from a Christmas holiday several years ago, faded and worn...  When I lifted the pot, it was so light, that I was certain the roots had to have completely disappeared and I knew it was completely dried out. But, I thought, maybe there could be a smidgeon of life left in it.

And with that splash of water and just a moment's worth of TLC, here it sits - blooming again.

This same scenario is also true of life in general; when all hope is lost, a simple moment of effort, a little TLC, and a splash of generosity, can bring back life to a seemingly "dead" situation. Look around you; do you see anything that could use a bit of attention? Get out your shovel and turn on your faucet! Sow goodness all around you, and goodness will fill your life. Two minutes out of our day can make all the difference, in your garden, or in someone else's. ~*

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