Saturday, April 23, 2011

Backyard Safari Expeditions

Update from the Not-So-Plains of Kansas :)

Attention all parents with outdoors-loving children:  Have you checked out Backyard Safari products yet? You have to take a look! These are a definite must-have for any backyard loving, expedition hosting, digging in the dirt kiddo. :)

First and foremeost, please take a look for yourself. Their website is bright, fun, creative and colorful; packed with loads of products and descriptions for everything; and their customer service department ranks at the top of my list!

My six and eight year olds are absolutely in LOVE with these products. (and one is a girl, one a boy) We started our collection about two years ago with the Toad/Frog Habitat. My kids spent the entire summer housing a variety of bugs, frogs, butterflies, and anything else they could cram inside of this little box. I don't think I've ever seen them get so much use out of one toy! We eventually started adding to our stock, with the Critter Shack (a small, vented bug-house), the binoculars, the magnifying glass, and the list keeps going. We've had these for quite some time now, and they are all still in great shape. Backyard Safari toys are durable, and definitely worth their price, which might I also add, is not too shabby!

We are now even more excited with the launch of their new "Patch Program," which I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Summit Toys about. It's very similar to how the Boy Scouts work; completing missions to earn badges, and working on an honor system. We now have the Expedition Walking Stick, the new Laser Bug Vacuum, the Bird Watching Field Binoc set, and the Base Camp gear - all of which come with a patch, and a list of missions that need to be completed before the kids can earn their badge. Of course our weather has not cooperated with us on getting out to use these items yet, but they are getting tested as we speak, indoors.

Here's the link for details on the "Patch Program" we are having fun with:

My son is sitting in our window, with his Cargo Vest on, watching for birds with his new binoculars. He has a table set up with his lantern, bug vacuum and extra capsules, and is using the bird calls. I hope we don't start our afternoon with flocks of geese or warblers flying into our front window! :)

A big THANK YOU to Summit Toys, and to Backyard Safari for creating such a wonderful group of products, to encourage my children to PLAY OUTSIDE, be active, be creative, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

For those of you that are more into the video side of things, or would like to show your children, please check out the Backyard Safari Channel on YouTube!

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