Monday, May 2, 2011

A Simple Way to Try Free Products.... Really! ~CoverGirl Natureluxe~

Try free products? Yes please!
Try free products, for FREE!? definitely Yes Please!
And even yet, what's the catch? There's always a catch...

Share the news! That's it! Plain and simple.
The absolute same thing most of us do in one spot or another every day! FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, blog posts, you name it... it's an ad in some form or another. Companies want you to try their products and services, and they want the advertising. If you like it great; if you don't, even better! Just share it! :)

Wait, there's a company out there that actually offers this for us to participate in? With NO money, no subscription, no "complete 25 offers"...??


I'm a BzzAgent, and love it! :) I've finally stumbled across a company that really cares about the consumer opinion, and you really get to try new things. It was easy, quick, and I got my first campaign package in less than two weeks!

I'm trying the new Natureluxe products from CoverGirl right now; I'm sure you've seen me posting about these. They are great products, and one of which I might've skipped over at the store. Not any more!

By the way, I've also got a handfull of coupons from the campaign to share with whoever would like to try Natureluxe! Comment if you'd like to have one!

Sign up to be a BzzAgent ~ It's worth the time, and a fun perk to have! :) And feel free to let me know if you have any questions ~ I definitely give this one five stars! contributes to having a "not-so-plain day"! :)

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